New Jersey is known for having harsh fall and winter weather that can do damage to your home’s exterior. That makes spring and summer the optimal time to enhance your home’s appearance by purchasing a high-quality power washing. It is vital to power wash your home during the summer months to keep your exterior surfaces clean and appearance fresh. Spring through early fall is the appropriate timeframe. The objective is not only to revitalize your curb appeal, but also to clean your exterior surfaces.

Power washing your home isn’t something that you want to do frequently. However, it is something that you need to do regularly in order to clean dirt and grime off of your exterior so that the natural beauty of your home shines through. Power washing your home might seem like a simple task, but it can be a massive undertaking and is best done by professional power washing companies. In some cases, power washing your home once a year can help keep the dust and dirt outside while helping maintain the appearance of your home by removing any peeling paint, moss growing on decking and more. Power washing helps removes ingrained dirt and grime from driveways or walkways to restore the appearance of their original appearance. There are also situations where power washing is not recommended at all in order to prevent damage to certain types of siding or landscaping.

When to schedule power washing outside of your normal routine

While power washing your home is an important task, it is not one that you should do regularly. The most common mistake people make when using power washing is scheduling it too often. As a rule of thumb, power washing your home should only be necessary once a year. This is because power washing your home aggressively can leave your siding or deck stained and damaged, and it also removes the beneficial minerals from the soil that hold each plant in place. In New Jersey, it is best to wash your outdoor spaces in the spring and fall, or after heavy rain or snow falls. This is because rain or snow is a natural means of washing the exterior of your home, but it is not as aggressive as other forms of weather.

Why does weather play a role in when you need to power wash your home?

When you power wash your home, you typically start by spraying water from a garden hose attached to a power washer. While most North Jersey power washers provide a consistent stream of water, it is possible for some washers to create a powerful jet of water. The type of weather that you experience will affect how often you need to power wash your home. For example, spring in North Jersey brings a lot of rain, which is why we suggest power washing yearly, more often than if you live in a dry region. This is because rain can damage your home’s exterior surfaces if they are not cleaned off regularly.

Can You Power Wash a Cedar Fence

You can power wash cedar fencing using a low PSI pressure washer or adjust the pressure washer’s pressure setting to the lowest value. Because cedar is a softwood, pressure should be around 1500 to 2000 psi to protect the wood fiber of your fence from damage. The best northern power washing companies know to spray the fence evenly and not to spend too much time in any one place, as this will leave an uneven pattern.  Also, when power washing a cedar fence you must use an oxygen bleach solution of three quarts of water and one-quart bleach mixed together and spray onto the fence in sections. After the spray has remained for ten minutes, brush away dirt and mildew to wash the fence. Use fresh water from your hose to rinse it.

Can you Power Wash Roof Shingles

It is rarely necessary to pressure-wash a shingle roof to dislodge grunge and water leaves, as this may damage the shingle’s coating of protective grit. A light brushing or a shower with the garden hose is usually sufficient, and most roofs do not even require that. Don’t try to Power Wash Roof Shingles like you would a fence or a sidewalk as doing so could cause damage to surface tiles or shingles— while also creating moisture damage. Professional soft washing is best for roof washing. Power Washing New Jersey roofs can renew the look of your home, removing built-up dirt, grime, dust, and other debris as well as various stains and discolored patches. Roofing shingles and tiles will then appear fresh and clean, giving the impression that your home has been freshly cleaned and renovated.


Power washing your North Jersey home is an important task, but it is not something that you should do on your own or too often. Balancing on a roof is already dangerous in and of itself; trying to manage a bulky and powerful pressure washer while standing on a sloped and slick surface is virtually impossible for those unfamiliar with roofing, making it virtually impossible to manage. If not even a fatality occurs because of falling off a roof, it is likely that serious injury has occurred. It is best to hire a professional power washing New Jersey Company with the expertise and knowledge, to remove dirt and grime hidden in roof shingle cracks and corners, or hidden by their dark color. Professional north jersey roof washing services will know the correct detergent or surfactant to use, and the best method for your type of roof. 

Getting your Roof Washed by North Jersey Power Washing is the best way to guarantee it is done right.  Using the right power washing company will help protect your roof over time, and help it last longer, saving you money in the end. We provide the best providers of power washing in New Jersey.