When did your white picket fence lose its rich, warm glow? If you ignore a dirty fence for too long, you run the risk of it developing mold, mildew, and algae growth over time. Eventually, your beautiful wooden fence may actually begin to rot away, which would be such a shame. Soft washing is an excellent way to remove all of these materials to restore the integrity and longevity of your fence. We understand the toll that New Jersey weather can take on wooden fences, and we have the tools and expertise to get yours looking amazing once again with our Fence Washing.

Make a gray, sagging wood fence look new again. Hiring North Jersey Soft Washing to clean your fence, will not only make it look bright and fresh, but prolong the life of your fence as well. 

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A vinyl fence can be a stylish, crisp, and practical addition to your yard. Aside from the glossy, modern look of vinyl, the main benefit of this type of fence is that it can withstand more than your average wood fence. 

Over time, green and yellow gook can collect on your vinyl fence. This is algae, and it feeds on the nutrients your fence acquires from plants that surround it. Luckily, this is only a surface-level issue, as vinyl is a non-porous material. Excessive buildup of debris, leaves, and algae can be a burden to remove with a regular hose and a hand-scrubbing job. So, call the team at North Jersey Soft Washing for your next Fence Cleaning. We understand the right mixtures of eco-friendly detergents, and water pressure to use on your composite and vinyl fences. 

Fence Washing and Wood Washing

There are a few different ways that you can approach cleaning your wooden fence, including scrubbing it by hand and power washing it with a high-power stream of water and harsh chemicals. However, the best way to clean a wooden fence is soft washing. This method is far less labor-intensive than getting down on your hands and knees with a brush, yet gentler than power washing. By comparison, pressure washers are more likely to damage your wood, resulting in costly and time-consuming future repairs.

Soft Washing is ideal for all types of wood fences because the cleaning products used are water-based, non-hazardous, and bleach-stable. It actually brings out the natural color of your wood so you can reveal the unique colors and textures. We can apply the solution at various strength levels based upon the level of cleaning your fence needs. For example, heavily soiled fences with excessive dirt and grime may require a stronger solution than lightly soiled surfaces with mild organic growth


Wood Wash is a soft washing additive for use on wood surfaces like decks, siding, fencing and wood shake (roofing or siding). Wood Wash is specially formulated to foam and bring out the natural color of the wood surface during cleaning. Wood Wash is meant to be used in conjunction with bleach and water to make a soft washing solution that can be applied to most wood surfaces. Wood Wash can be applied at various strengths – stronger for deep cleaning of wood and lighter dilution ratios for cleaning lightly soiled wood surfaces that contain organic growth. A good professional soft washing company know the right mix of Wood Wash, bleach, and water for your optimal cleaning solution. 

Our North New Jersey Fence Washing Services Include:

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