Maintain the beauty & elegance your deck brings to your home. Your home’s outdoor structures (decks, fences, gazebos) enhance the beauty and value of your property. But left neglected they all too easily become an eyesore. Let us help you maintain the beauty & integrity of your outdoor structures with our professional deck cleaning. Our team is experienced with all material types, including: wood, composite surfaces including Trex decking. Our cleaning service is ideal for outdoor decks, fences, gazebos, arbors, furniture & more!

Keep in mind, deck cleaning is about more than just the appearance, although that helps too. Getting regular service for your decking is about keeping it in good condition so you get optimal performance and maximum longevity.

deck washing before after
Deck Cleaning before after

If you are planning on staining your deck, it can’t be done until you’ve cleaned it thoroughly. The process we use will rid the surface of dirt and grime so you have a fresh surface to start with. Wait until it is dry though, to start the staining process.

Professional deck cleaning is an important way to make your deck safe. Slick substances like algae form and make it the ideal conditions for a slip and fall incident. The last thing that you want is for someone enjoying your outdoor living space to take a fall, including yourself.

Composite Deck Cleaning

When we clean composite decks we use an a soft washing technique called “Composite Deck Cleaning”.  This method of cleaning composite decks focuses on using soaps to clean a composite deck, rather than high pressure power washing. Using pressure to clean composite decks will damage the deck and should be avoided. Soft washing the composite deck kills and removes the organic staining that discolors the decking material. Composite deck washing is the cleaning technique currently being taught in power washing schools and is considered a premium cleaning technique. The key to properly cleaning your composite deck is having the right soap blends. If you don’t have the right soap blends you will not properly remove the organic staining or kill the organic organisms growing on your composite deck.

Our Northern New Jersey Deck Washing Services Include:

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