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Here at North Jersey Soft Washing, we understand that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and for commercial properties, that first impression is important. A clean, well-maintained storefront or industrial building looks more efficient, and both your customers and your employees will find it more pleasant to walk into your doors.

North Jersey Soft Washing has specialized in cleaning commercial buildings for years, and our crews have the experience and know-how to beautify your property, correct problems that could cause structural damage, and do it at competitive rates. Whether you’re interested in a one-time cleaning or an ongoing cleaning schedule, we can get the job done right. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and have a company tradition of customer satisfaction. If you rent, own or lease a commercial property, it is crucial that you maintain your business with our commercial power washing service.

Dumpster areas, fueling stations and greasy exhaust vents have a need for regular service and effective methods of cleaning to maintain safety, property value, and satisfaction of customers. We use of eco-friendly cleaners which means you, your employees and customers remain safe even after we are done the cleaning. North Jersey Soft Washing will get the job done during the less busy periods, so we don’t impede your business. In the event they do run into any of your customers while on the job and need to interact, this would be done in a very professional manner.



Use North Jersey Soft Washing Commercial Power Washing For:

    Billboard Cleaning
    We remove accumulated dirt and grime, giving your advertising a clean, appealing look.

    Sidewalk Washing and Gum Removal 
    We clean off dirt, stains, and gum, leaving your sidewalks as clean as new.

    Rust Stain Removal 
    We can remove rust stains from masonry and vinyl surfaces, giving them a clean, attractive appearance.

    Building Exterior Washing 
    We use low pressure with detergent to remove dirt and mildew, leaving your exterior clean. Untreated mildew damages the surfaces it lives on, leading to expensive repair or replacement. Preventing that saves you money.

    Building Interior Washing 
    We remove stains, dirt, oil and cobwebs, leaving a fresh, professional appearance.

    Warehouse and Shop Floor Cleaning 
    We remove stains, oil, and slippery spots, creating a safer work environment for you.

    Dumpster Pad Washing 
    We remove oil and grease spills and built-up grime, enhancing your business appearance.

    Loading Dock Cleaning
    We remove dirt, grim, and accumulated debris, leaving a safer work area for the people working there..

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