RESIDENTIAL Hot & Cold Water
Pressure Washing & Restoration Services

Bergen County’s #1 Choice for Top Quality Exterior Cleaning


Is DIRT, MOLD or MILDEW ruining your home’s curb appeal?
Our safe & effective SOFT WASHING cleaning method uses environmentally
friendly detergents to cut through and dissolve these unsightly contaminants.
This is followed by a gentle or “soft” pressure washing that rinses it all away
with NO RISK of damage to your siding, gutters or landscaping that you
often find with unprofessional high pressure methods.

Ideal for: Safe, effective removal of:
All types of Siding Dirty, grimy buildup
Brick, Stone & Masonry Algae, mold & mildew
Stucco, Dryvit & Hardie Board Cobwebs & more!


It’s true! Those ugly dark streaks & stains CAN be removed!
If the dark, streaky appearance of your roof has you thinking replacement is
the only option, think again. Don’t replace - RESTORE! Utilizing our safe &
effective NO PRESSURE cleaning method we can make your existing roof
look like new again by safely dissolving and rinsing away the algae strain that
feeds on the limestone in your shingles.

And the best part… all for a fraction of the cost of a new roof!


Has your once beautiful wood deck turned gray and weathered looking?
Perhaps excess moisture has led to mold or rot problems? Bring it back to life
with our professional wood restoration services! We have the knowledge,
experience and top quality wood care products to restore that original natural
beauty you loved your wood deck or fence for in the first place!

Services Include: Ideal for: Exotic Wood Care:
Wood Stripping Decks Ipe
Wood Cleaning Fences Mahogany
Wood Staining Arbors Redwood
Wood Sealing Gazebos & more!


The benefits of properly clean & sealed concrete or brick don’t stop at
having a better appearance.
 Clean, sealed surfaces will also be far more
resistant to warping and cracking, not to mention blocking the routes insects
often take to enter your home and foundation. And the cosmetic benefits will
be readily apparent as well. Concrete will be cleaner and brighter, and brick
pavers will be richer and more beautiful!

Ideal for: Safe, effective removal of:
High Pressure Concrete Cleaning Driveways & Sidewalks
Concrete Sealing Porches & Patios
Brick Paver Re-Sanding Pool Decks
Brick Paver Cleaning & Sealing Walkways & more!

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