North Jersey’s #1 Choice for Complete Flood Restoration

STEP 1 Water Removal & Damage Cleanouts

Getting the filthy, contaminated flood
water out of your home’s interior
is the first and foremost priority of most
flood restoration projects. We accomplish
this with our heavy duty trash pumps.
These professional pumps are designed
to quickly and efficiently remove water
and smaller debris. After pump-out, any
remaining water is vacuumed up.

Once the water has been pumped out,
the next part of the removal stage
the cleanout and disposal of damaged
assets & possessions: carpets, furniture,
electronics, any loose items, and building
materials like sheet rock and insulation.

If these items have been severely
contaminated by bacteria
 in the flood
water, they must be discarded.

With the “Removal Stage” complete, it is time to address the hazardous
dirt, grime and bacteria the floodwaters have left behind inside your home…

STEP 2 Wash, Rinse and Sanitize
Making your home safe and healthy again is the second step.
The chance that sewage entered your home along with the flood waters is an
all too real possibility, and must be handled in the proper, professional manner.

We wash, rinse and sanitize affected areas of your home, utilizing specially
formulated Sanitizing Agents, Germicides and Anti-Microbial Treatments.

With the buildup of moisture, especially in the excessive amounts found in
flood damage, it is absolutely imperative to prevent, mitigate or remediate
dangerous mold growth.

Our MOLD Services include:
Mold PREVENTION targets areas of concern where the potential
for unhealthy mold growth is high.
Mold MITIGATION tests for and assesses the extent of the mold
problem to outline a plan of attack.
Mold REMEDIATION removes mold growth using our proprietary
methods and cleansers.

STEP 3 Dry-Out’s and Dehumidification
Making Your Home Dry Again – Down To The Very Last Drop.
Our hi-tech drying and dehumidification equipment prevents potential mold
growth issues and the swelling or warping of floors, walls and furniture.

Our high-speed air movers create continuous airflow over floors, carpets
and pads, and across your walls and furniture, evaporating moisture.

Industrial grade LGR Dehumidifiers pull moisture directly from the air itself!

With the Dry-Out and Dehumidification step complete, and your home
restored to as much of a preloss condition as possible, you will now be able
to move forward with any repainting and refinishing of your home.

PLUS: Equipment Rental
If you make the decision to handle all or part
of the Flood Restoration process yourself,

let us make sure you are using the proper
professional equipment. We glady provide
homeowners with a variety of flood restoration
equipment rental options.

Use What The Pros Use!
The Flood Restoration Equipment we rent to homeowners is the very same professional equipment we put to work everyday!

Call today for great Flood Restoration Equipment Rental Rates: 201-383-0452

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